Foully enabling myself again....

It really isn't befitting to start off a brand-new journal by whining, is it? So I won't. But I will state that if I ever somehow manage to self-reinforce positive habits the way I do negative ones like staying up late, then I'm going to be on the lookout for rogue bolts of lightning.

So. If you're reading this, you're probably either one of the people who have harassed me to actually use this thing, or you stumbled onto it by pure accident. For the latter of you, or anyone who just doesn't know me well, on my next post I'll try to be unlazy enough to post some sort of introductory thing--suggestions are not only welcome and encouraged, but demanded. GIMME. Now, plzkthxbye? =3 Since I'm that lazy, I decided to make it up by taking a couple random quizzes to show off how bizarre I am, and sticking the results here. Whuu!

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