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So, sub_textual tagged me with ZETSU. Oh god, here we go:

1. Do you like this character?

I guess so! I mean, I think he's interesting, even though he's had like, all of five minutes of screen-time, max, and a grand total of like ONE character-developing/personality-revealing pieces of dialogue. I've only seen like one other person play him seriously, (though I'd love to see more) and I helped that muse get cultivated. XD I know I'm not doing him justice, but then again, canon AND fanon aren't, either. So at least I'm doing something with him, even if I'll have to potentially retcon the hell out of him later if he ever gets any development. It's kind of fun to try and reason shit out, even if I am totally off the mark.

2. What name(s) do you give this character?

.....ffffff XD Zetzet, Zetsy, Zesty, Plantman, Aloe Vera, Dumb Man, Pet/Lap Plant.... Or just Zetsu. All depends on what I feel like and who I'm talking to and what about and stuff like that. =P

3.What image/color do you associate your character with?

Green and red! And/or black and white. :3 And sunny paths winding through dark, twisted woods with creatures with creepy glowing eyes lurking in the shadows, watching.

4.What image/song do you associate with this character?

Iiiiii actually haven't really found any serious songs that I associate with him. (XD Help? Suggestions? Please? ♥) But on the humorous side, I associate him with "Carrot Juice Is Murder" by The Arrogant Worms, seen here:

It.... sort of seems to fit? XD He's sort of a plant/vegetable, he's in a terrorist group, and according to the anime, (if you read into the visuals a little) he fights for both "land" and "ideology". (I know officially people say just land, but he's shown half and half for this thing, part for each reason, and the anime focused in on the characters the reasons were relevant to.) He seems to me like he could very easily fit into a type of freedom fighter mold.

Not sure if this is humor or serious or somewhere in between, but I kinda like Out There from The Hunchback of Notre Dame for him, too: His looks aren't the most conventional sort, after all, and he's kind of a pawn even to those who take care of and accept him.

5. What blood type do you think he is?

I know his blood type is B! :3 I checked. ♥ And according to Japanese blood-type type stuff: "Result oriented and strong minded, type B people will start a job and continue until it is completed, and completed well. Type B people are the individualists of the blood groups and find their own way in life."

It sort of agrees with my conception, sort of doesn't. I'm frankly a little surprised that Kishimoto didn't pick AB, to emphasize his split: "Type AB people are the split personalities of the blood groups. They can be both outgoing and shy in the same time, confident and timid. They are usually responsible, but too much responsibility will cause problem. They are trustworthy and like to help others." That would've fit a bit better with my mental image. XD But whatever.

6. Of all the titles that this character appears in, what character do you like to put this character with?

I dunno, I'm kind of a panshipper, honestly. XD I like seeing things switched up. Pein and Madara (even though I do enjoy PeKo a lot) are probably my favorites to pair with him, just because he's so completely loyal to them that it does feel fitting that he would give his body and heart over to them as well as his services.

Deidara is fun too, because they're so incredibly different, and Zetsu might be a little dazzled by him, even as Deidara would probably see him as an exotic toy and a challenge. It'd be dysfunctional, but it might work, at least for a bit.

I think him and Kisame together would actually be a surprisingly healthy relationship. The way I view their temperaments, they would mesh well, and the otherness they both share could potentially be an attractor, not to mention help them accept and cope with their own. They'd understand each other, balance each other out, and just generally be a good thing with the potential for a lot of interesting dynamics.

I've never really considered him too much with any of the good guys.... But thinking about it a little, I think I actually might like to see how it went with him and either Tenten or Hinata on the female side, and Shino or Kiba on the male side. I know most people favor Sakura or Ino IF they ever do that sort of crossing over, just because of the flower connections.... still, that's kind of hard to see, for me. They're just too rooted in Konoha and loyal and sure of themselves and whatnot; I don't know. Hinata and Tenten are kind of marginalized and overlooked and distanced a lot of times, not with a firm identity of their own, and Shino and Kiba both have a fair bit of other to them as well, a connection to nature that a lot of characters lack.

For Sand kids, maybe Gaara, given the whole blood thing and split with pre and post-Shukaku personalities and whatnot.... Yeah, I don't know. That could be interesting, could not be.

7. What do you want to say to this character?

I'd tell him that he needs to stop defining himself so much through other people--and to accept who and what he is/needs/wants.

8. What do you want to do with this character?

I'd like to get him more comfortable in his own skin and with the idea that he can admit to needing to connect with people instead of trying to rely purely on himself. I'd like to see him maybe get past how socially retarded he can be and learn more how to cope with the outside world, but I'd still kind of like to explore his dependency on having other people guide/control/dictate his life for him. He really needs to either stop being so damned contradictory or embrace the contradictions. XD

Tagging 5 people: Uhhhh..... let's see.... maiiau with Deidara, sub_textual with Madara, helicopini and hieronymousb with their Pein and Konan, and toize with Mio~ ♥

(BONUS TAGS: askingxalice with Rayne and literatehyaena with Machi? 8D?)
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