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Yet Another Meme, wut?

I'm sure this meme comes from SOMEWHERE, but I forget where, and thus I am not ripping it off of anyone in particular. \o/

BUT ANYWAY. Talk to my characters. Ask them something. Give them a subject. They'll at least give you their two cents back. No guarantees on whether they'll be telling the truth, or actually answering the question, or even giving you more than a mono-syllable response..... But they will respond~ ♥

Muse List
Zetsu (weeatbodies) - Formerly paixaorpg, currently thedollsyhouse
(From Naruto, just before the invasion)
Hidan (agnus_jashin, tasteyourdeath) - Formerly unreal_rpg, formerly paixaorpg
(From Naruto, a little while after being buried alive)
Hoshigaki Kisame (monstrouscourge, seeingeyeshark) - Currently a_trialbyfire, currently neo_rpg
(From Naruto, post Yonbi-extraction and pre-Sasuke vs. Deidara)
Rock Lee (ever_blooming) - Formerly eidolonrpg
(From Naruto, AU or OU, post-time skip)
Maito Gai (youthfulpassion) - Currently somarium
(From Naruto, during the Naruto vs. Pein arc)
Anna Marshall (magicmelodic) - Currently thedollsyhouse
(From The Soprano Sorceress, just after the failed assassination attempt)
Axel (firewheeling) - Formerly paixaorpg, maybe future thedollsyhouse
(From Kingdom Hearts, just before Chains of Memories)
Jack Skellington (averyspecialguy) - Formerly paixaorpg, formerly thedollsyhouse
(From The Nightmare Before Christmas, slightly pre-movie)
Magic Carpet (gimmesometassel) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From Aladdin, right at the end of the movie)
Reala (stillofnight) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, right after kidnapping Helen)
Rogue (deadly_drawl) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From X-Men 1, pre-movie)
Jeremy Verence (droppedmyballs) - Formerly solluna_city
(Original character from the Pokémon universe, from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum's Hoenn region)
Sir Sword Knight (floofy_chivalry) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, sometime after the Wolfwrath episode)
Maximilian J. Pegasus (ambiguouscamp) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From Yu-Gi-Oh, right after dueling Kaiba in the Duelist Kingdom arc)

Plus any others I haven't mentioned. :| Because those are the only ones who happen to have journals right now.
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