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Blatantly stolen word-for-word from the lovely toize:

Give me a character I play and a question/topic about them and I will answer according to my own personal canon. This can range from their birthday, favorite color or even their earliest memory up to what they had last night for dinner.

Muse List
Zetsu (weeatbodies) - Formerly paixaorpg, currently thedollsyhouse
(From Naruto, just before the current invasion arc)
Hidan (tasteyourdeath, agnus_jashin) - Formerly paixaorpg, formerly unreal_rpg
(From Naruto, a little while after being buried alive)
Rock Lee (ever_blooming) - Formerly  eidolonrpg
(From Naruto, AU or OU, post-time skip)
Anna Marshall (magicmelodic) - Currently thedollsyhouse
(From The Soprano Sorceress, just after the failed assassination attempt)
Axel (firewheeling) - Formerly paixaorpg, future thedollsyhouse
(From Kingdom Hearts, just before Chains of Memories)
Jack Skellington (averyspecialguy) - Formerly paixaorpg, Currently thedollsyhouse
(From The Nightmare Before Christmas, slightly pre-movie)
Magic Carpet (gimmesometassel) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From Aladdin, right at the end of the movie)
Reala (stillofnight) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, right after kidnapping Helen)
Rogue (deadly_drawl) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From X-Men 1, pre-movie)
Jeremy Verence (droppedmyballs) - Formerly solluna_city
(Original character from the Pokémon universe, from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum's Hoenn region)
Sir Sword Knight (floofy_chivalry) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, sometime after the Wolfwrath episode)
Maximilian J. Pegasus (ambiguouscamp) - Formerly paixaorpg
(From Yu-Gi-Oh, right after dueling Kaiba in the Duelist Kingdom arc)
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